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ARE you alright? I THINK YOU may have a SMALL VIRUS?  



snow-anne asked:

You're right, "transgenderdism" does remind of phrases people used to use for gay people, like "the practice of homosexuality" and stuff, as if it's a hobby lol.

Yeah it reminds me of the early 90s, when non-straight sexualities were treated like fashion choices. As if being gay or bi was like being goth or emo. I think TERFs and conservatives are trying to paint transgender people in that same light. They want it to be a mental disorder but also just a fad.
They can’t have it booth ways though! Either it’s a serous issue or no big deal but not both.

In my experience it’s a pretty serious issue and no one can make me like not being me.


there are legitimately people who manipulate social justice rhetoric into a justification for abuse. if you don’t think so, you’ve got your eyes closed.

there are also people who apparently subscribe to social justice ideals but who are blatantly hypocritical and bigoted.


I personally have grown very tired of the “hobby ally” people who like to use social justice as a means to shut down arguments or end discussions by pointing out all the isms they can instead of adding to the conversation.

If something hurts you personally tell us about it. But don’t just jump in to call out a bunch of isms and expect people to stop talking, drawing or living.


When someone says “transgenderism” it’s because they want you to think of being transgender as a political philosophy and not as a way some people just are.

Sounds like homosexualism which is a completely wrong way to describe peoples sexuality. “Transgenderism” and “transsexualism” are mostly used by anti trans groups to make it sound like a form of fetishism than a part of peoples personality or brain.

Being trans is not some hobby I picked up on a whim! It’s been a part of me since I was two years old!


Anonymous asked:

i am tired of you people putting capitalism down it is not perfect but it works best.


lolololollol cool

I mean, you’re “tired of people putting capitalism down”

meanwhile I’m tired of starving. I’m tired of counting pennies. I’m tired of constantly panicking about finances. giving rent money to some rich dude who owns 30 fucking homes so he can profit off of me when I’m struggling to survive.

I’m tired of having shitty health care. I’m tired of worrying what I’m gonna do if my local support group leaves because they can only find work in a city where I can’t afford rent. Or what I’m gonna do if my car breaks down and I can’t walk to the store. I’m tired of crying from stress.

I’m tired of being trapped in an endless cycle of poverty because I’m disabled and can’t work. Because SSI benefits are ridiculously miniscule, and they have strict rules against saving money or even receiving or earning a little extra. I’m tired of my food stamps benefits getting reduced while the cost of food inflates.

I’m tired of my friends being physically, sexually, and psychologically abused by their employers because they don’t have any other options. I’m tired of people having to compete against 200 other people for a job and then be told they’re lazy if they don’t have a job.

I’d like it if my bf didn’t have to leave the state for 5 months, working a job that endangers his life, so he can finish college.

but I guess that’s nothing compared to having to hear people complain about capitalism sometimes when you log into tumblr. cry more

"It works the best" gotta love hearing economics students spout the same indoctrination found in every textbook.

Capitalism is not a system and neither is the free market. Systems are designed work together efficiently. Capitalism was never designed it emerged out of a lack of a well thought out system of resource distribution.

Also how many competing economic systems are there? Most communist countries became single party dictatorships after revolting against oligarchies. They were never well planed and their governments were corrupted by self interest before they even rose to official power.

That’s not a failure of an economic system it’s a failure of tyranny.

The fact is we’ve never seen a democratic communist nation or a resource-based economy.

Capitalism replaced feudalism in Europe and European colonialism spread the concept of banks, investment, business, capital and corporations all over the world. Nations have been stuck with these memes ever since. Money wasn’t even a constant. Many peoples and nations existed without money before European capitalism spread to their part of the world.

The fact is capitalism has no competition, there are no other systems, just just variations on capitalism in which governments take or more or less care of their people over the care they show corporate entities.

There are a few isolated dictatorships like North Korea. But even North Korea has money and monitory systems. There are no competing systems that avoid money all together, even though money is not a requirement for economic distribution of resources.

Just because something is prevalent doesn’t mean it’s the best. It’s just very common. McDonald’s if very prevalent but I don’t think anyone would call it the best restaurant in the world.

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