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laverneplox asked:

Thats literally awesome and such a relief omg i have a very bad case of "manly jaw" i was afraid id need ANOTHER surgery just to take care of that lol. About how long did it take for you to go from your first doctor visit to the operation?



I’m not planning on getting any surgeries, actually. I started hormones in July 2012, started experimenting with going out “dressed as a woman” in July 2013, went “full-time” in December 2013, and got my name/gender marker legally changed in April 2014.

I needed to see this post!  I am afraid that when I start E I wont be confident enough to go full time right away.  I see all these other girls who just went full time without starting or right after they started E and I just want some time to develop and come into myself before I make the jump.  And I really admire you and seeing some one else took the path I going down makes me feel valid! ^_^ 

I started HRT in 2010 and didn’t go “full time” until I came out this summer 2014. Unless you are really lucky and sensitive to E, it’s not hard to hide from friends and family who don’t know trans girls.

Loose fitting shirts and pants hide everything unless you are really gifted in the boob department.

I was going to get a nose job done but my doctor said not to do any face surgeries until I had been on full HRT for at least a year. E can change your face quite a bit, my nose doesn’t bug me near as much as it did before HRT.



So apparently Jon thinks sexism in gaming isn’t an issue, and developers shouldn’t worry about having it in their games.

Ugh. Is he intentionally purging the intelligent part of his fanbase? Because this is the last straw for me. I can’t stand people like him.

Look, I don’t enjoy FeministFrequency’s videos either, but not because they’re against sexism in gaming. She makes good points. I dislike her for other reasons involving her experience with actually playing video games. However, Jontron is condoning sexism in gaming here, and that leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. I can’t do this, too much bullshit from him within such little time.

AND I WASN’T EVEN FOLLOWING HIM ON TWITTER. The goddamn tweet landed on my dash. I specifically unfollowed him so I didn’t dislike him more. Fuck, man, you are unbelievable.

This is basically the whole problem with the “Well, men get (insert issue), too” attitude. It’s not about acknowledging that there’s a problem for men and women. It’s about derailing the discussion and shutting down the legitimate complaints of others.

I hate how guys will say that something sucks for them, only to and then turn around and say it’s not bad enough to bother changing. It’s obvious misdirection.

Trans-Uterus - on trans women being able to carry children




The recent CBS story regarding nine Swedish women who received uterus transplants undoubtedly caught the attention of transgender women throughout the world. Anyone, with even the slightest awareness of the advancement of medical science, understands that eventually there will be few things left in the realm of impossible. The idea that a transgender woman will one day be able to carry a child in her womb is no longer just an idea. It is a reality of the future.

tell everyone.

If this becomes a thing I think I’d like to donate my uterus to a trans woman.

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