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on a lam, I just looked up some 3d models of testosterone and estrogen to see what the difference between them is and I found that they are identical except that in a testosterone molecule one of those red oxygen atoms is double-bonded to it’s carbon atom instead of being single bonded to that and then single bonded to a hydrogen atom, and that it has one extra carbon atom attached to one of those hexagonal structures and some hydrogen stuck onto the ends of that.

That’s it. Just a couple atoms shuffled around here, a bond moved there, and somehow just by switching those two chemicals in my body my skin, fat, muscle growth and density, my sensory functions, they’ve all changed in ways that are subtle yet marvellous.

I don’t understand how such a tiny restructuring can produce such drastically different effects, and such wide reaching effects in my body. It is awe inspiring to me, to be able to feel the clockwork of the universe like this.

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