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My first experience with a trans feminine video game character. I was 5 yrs old reading the manual to Super Mario bros 2. I remember my mom saying “that’s weird, this game is weird!” And me thinking “at least she gets to be who she wants to be.”

I’m still consistantly shocked by how many people still refer to her as ‘Birdo’ and ‘He’.

Yeah she gets all female pronouns in newer games, but some people are just not supportive.

I use the female pronouns for her, but I’ve always thought Birdo sounded better than Birdetta and my assumption was just that she decided “fuck it, I’ll just keep the same name.”

At least Vivian gets better treatment in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but Nintendo of America took all of that out because they’re stupid jerks. I guess trans characters aren’t appropriate for kids unless they’re treated as jokes.

Also, how cool is it that Birdetta’s partner in Mario Party and Mario Kart is Yoshi, who is nonbinary and asexual? (Or am I reading those traits into Yoshi when they aren’t officially there? Whatever, I don’t care what they say about their characters, I say differently!)

Yoshi does seem pretty nonbinary and asexual, though there is a possibility that yoshi is dfab with all the egg laying going on.

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